10/7/02 Steps Toward Recovery in the Telecommunications Industry
4/6/99 Spectrum Management
2/12/99 Local Television Ownership Rules
2/05/99 Round Table on the Economics of Mergers Between ILECS
12/14/98 Telecom Mergers - II
10/29/98 Affordability of Telecommunications Services and Consumer-Education Issues
10/22/98 Telecom Mergers - I
7/9/98 Bandwidth
6/8/98 Proposals to Revise the Methodology for Determining Universal Service Support
3/6/98 Report to Congress on Universal Service
2/19/98 Report to Congress on Universal Service
1/29/98 Status of Local Telephone Competition
12/18/97 Status of Competition in the Multichannel Video Industry

Wednesday, October 9, 2002