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Main Studio Rules

On August 11, 1998, the Commission adopted rules reflected in Section 73.1125(a) that require virtually all AM, FM, and TV broadcast stations to locate their main studio at any location within the station’s community of license; within the principal community contour of any station licensed to the same community of license; or within 25 miles from the reference coordinates of the center of its community of license, whichever it chooses.

On May 28, 1999, and in subsequent rulemakings, the Commission affirmed the modified main studio rule, but revised Sections 73.3526 to require all licensees that maintain main studios outside the station’s community of license to make available to persons within the station’s geographic service area, by mail upon telephone request, photocopies of the documents in the local public inspection file, excluding the political file; mail the most recent version of “The Public and Broadcasting” to any member of the public that requests a copy; and to be prepared to assist the public in identifying the documents they may ask to be sent to them by mail.  Licensees may choose to maintain all or part of their public inspection files in a computer database rather than in paper files.

FCC Takes First Step to Modernize Television Broadcast Public Inspection Files.
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Review of the Commission's Rules Regarding the Main Studio and Local Public Inspection Files of Broadcast Television and Radio Stations.
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Review of the Commission's Rules Regarding the Main Studio and Local Public Inspection Files of Broadcast Television and Radio Stations.
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The Public and Broadcasting

The Public and Broadcasting manual provides a general overview of broadcast regulation for the public.  It is to be kept in the local public inspection file of all commercial and noncommercial educational broadcast stations "at all times." See 47 CFR §§ 73.3526 (e)(8), and 73.3527(e)(7).  Stations are to make copies of this document available to requestors free of charge.

For more information pertaining to the Policy Division, please call:  (202) 418-2120.

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