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Off-Line Recordings

Because of the large amount of computer memory required to store audio/video recordings, and the limited amount of hard disk space available on the FCC web server, we periodically move older audio/video recordings of FCC events to off-line storage to conserve space on the FCC web server. The names of these events and links to related materials are listed below. If you would like to play the audio/video files from one of the events listed below, please e-mail your specific request to, and we will provide you with a temporary link that you can use to access the selected media file.

FCC Bandwidth Task Force on Technical Issues Relating to the Use of Different Advanced Services Technologies.

Technical Issues Relating to the Provision of Advanced Services Over the Local Loop: Loop Qualification and Subloop Unbundling.

Bandwidth En Banc Hearing - July 9, 1998

The FCC held a bandwidth en banc hearing on Thursday, July 9, 1998. At the en banc hearing, the Commission heard from panels of experts regarding bandwidth issues in the last mile of our nation's telecommunications infrastructure and in connectivity to and between our nation's small and rural communities. The panelists also addressed how these issues impact the deployment of advanced telecommunications capabilities and broadband technologies in the United States. For more information, please visit the FCC's Bandwidth En Banc Hearing Web Page

"Access to Bandwidth" Open Forum - January 23 1997

On January 23, 1997, the FCC hosted an open forum on access to bandwidth, the first of two forums on technology issues. The bandwidth forum addressed the deployment of advanced data technologies, the implications of Internet usage for the public switched telephone network, and mechanisms to facilitate widespread availability of new network access technologies at affordable rates.

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Presenter Organization
Daniel Weitzner Center for Democracy and technology
Mike Trest ATMnet
John Curran BBN Planet
Doug Morgan WinStar Wireless, Inc.
Lee Bauman Pacific Bell
Peter F. Harter Netscape Communications Corp.
Matthew R. Korn America Online Networks
James Love Consumer Project on Technology
Shabbir J. Safdar 1997 Small Internet Service Provider
Survey Voters Telecommunications Watch

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