Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture, New York, NY - 7/29/08

The Commission hears from expert panelists regarding overcoming barriers to communications financing. The purpose of the hearing is to enhance the knowledge of the Commission and attendees about: (i) the present state of capital markets as those markets impact ownership diversity in the media and telecom industries and, particularly, the success of minorities and women entrepreneurs; (ii) how financing is secured for new, diverse, resource-limited ventures, focusing on actual problems that have been encountered by women and minorities attempting to secure financing for media and telecom deals; and (iii) potential ways the Commission can help facilitate financing opportunities for minorities and women.


  • The audio/video recording of the FCC hearing is available on the website of HITN.
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Statements & Presentations

  • Kevin J. Martin
    FCC Chairman

  • Michael J. Copps
    FCC Commissioner
    Statement: Word | Acrobat

  • Jonathan S. Adelstein
    FCC Commissioner
    Statement: Word | Acrobat

  • Deborah Taylor Tate
    FCC Commissioner
    Statement: Word | Acrobat

  • Robert M. McDowell
    FCC Commissioner
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Panel Discussion 1 - Successfully Securing Equity Financing:

  • Raul Alarcon
    Chief Executive Officer, Spanish Broadcasting System

  • Percy Berger
    Managing Partner, Dempster Group

  • Pastor Delman Coates
    Enough Is Enough Campaign for Corp. Responsibility in Entertainment

  • James Fleming, Jr.
    Partner, Columbia Capital

  • Ronald Gordon
    President & CEO, ZGS Communications

  • Anita Stephens Graham
    Partner, Opportunity Capital Partners

  • Reginald Hollinger
    Managing Partner, Quetzal/JPMorgan Partners

  • Terry L. Jones
    Managing General Partner, Syncom Funds

  • Brian Rich, Managing Partner
    Catalyst Investors

  • Andy Schwartzman
    President & CEO, Media Access Project

  • Diane Sutter
    President & CEO, ShootingStar Broadcasting

  • Frank Washington
    Chairman & CEO, Tower of Babel LLC


Panel Discussion 2 - Successfully Securing Loans:

  • Charles J. Dreifus
    Managing Director, CIT Communications, Media & Entertainment

  • Leo Hindery, Jr.
    Managing Partner, InterMedia Partners

  • George Ivie
    CEO & Executive Director, Media Ratings Council

  • William Lisecky
    Managing Director, Oppenheimer & Co. Inc./Investment

  • Chesley Maddox-Dorsey
    President & COO, Access.1 Communications Corp.

  • Steve Morris
    Chairman, President, CEO, Arbitron

  • Susan Patrick
    Co-owner, Managing Partner, Patrick Communications

  • Michael V. Roberts, JD
    Chairman & CEO, The Roberts Companies

  • John Stevens Robling, Jr.
    Managing Director, LIATI Capital

  • Mayela Rosales
    Executive Vice President of Azteca America, SWFL

  • Charles Warfield
    President, Inner City Broadcasting Corporation

  • James Winston
    Executive Director, National Association of Black-Owned Broadcasters


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