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The Commission seeks applications for membership on its Consumer Advisory Committee: now beginning its sixth 2-year term. Since its establishment in November 2000, the Committee has made many valuable recommendations to the Commission regarding consumer issues within the jurisdiction of the Commission. In addition, the Committee has helped to facilitate the participation of all consumers (including people with disabilities and underserved populations, such as Native Americans and persons living in rural areas) in proceedings before the Commission.

Applicants should be recognized authorities in their fields, including, but not limited to, organizations focusing upon consumer advocacy, disabilities, underserved populations (e.g., persons living in rural areas and tribal communities), telecommunications infra­structure and equipment, telecommunications services (including wireless), and broadcast/cable services. Individuals who do not represent an organization, institution, or entity, but who possess expertise valuable to the Committee' s work, are also welcome to apply. Such applicants should be aware, however, that government ethics rules may require financial and other disclosures. The application deadline is February 11, 2011.

Committee members, all of whom are volunteers, must be willing to commit to a two-year term of service, should be willing and able to attend three (3) one-day meetings per year in Washington, D.C., and are also expected to participate in deliberations of at least one working group or subcommittee. Working groups meet via email or teleconference, and all meetings are accessible to people with disabilities.

For information about membership criteria application requirements and procedures, go to the public notice:


For general information about the Committee, past membership rosters, and recommendations to the Commission, go to:

For further information or inquiries, contact the Committee' s Designated Federal Officer, Scott Marshall on 202-418-2809 (fvoice/relay) or via email at

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