• Bureau/Office
    Office of the Secretary - Library Intern

    The Library internship offers practical work experience and an introduction to library maintenance and development within the federal government. The Library intern will be primarily tasked with reviewing and maintaining specialized LibGuides located on the E-Library Intranet webpage that are utilized by FCC employees. The deliverable for this internship will be a specialized LibGuide developed by the intern throughout the semester with the guidance of the FCC Library’s Law Librarian. This flexible internship can be either part-time or full-time and hybrid or remote. This internship will:
    • Provide meaningful career-related work experience for students wanting to work in a legal library setting.
    • Utilize research and investigative skills.
    • Help master the ability to maintain LibGuides, including, but not limited to, link-checking and reviewing currentness of published information.
    • Develop writing skills.
    • Foster an understanding of the importance of LibGuides.
    • Explain in real-life experience how LibGuides are used in the Federal Government sector.
    • Stimulate interest in a career in the Federal Government sector.

  • Internship Period(s)
    • Spring Semester (January to May).
  • Major Duties and Responsibilities
    • Review published LibGuides on the FCC’s Intranet for currentness, relevance, and link-rot.
    • Maintain published LibGuides throughout the semester.
    • Create a deliverable by the end of the semester in the form of a brand new specialized LibGuide that will be published on the FCC’s Intranet for the use of all FCC Employees.
    • Work with the FCC Library’s Law Librarian on any other necessary library tasks.
  • Selection Criteria (Eligibility)
    • Full-time or part-time student in an accredited undergraduate program required, MLIS program preferred.
    • GPA 3.0 or above preferred.
  • Send Application to
  • Application Information
    Resumé, cover letter (including available start date, and available days and hours per week), copy of transcript
  • Additional Information
    Openings are for unpaid internships. For students interested in receiving academic credit for the internship, we are generally able to work with the student and their university to ensure any requirements are met so that the intern is able to earn academic credit for their internship at the FCC.
  • Application Deadline
    • December 1st, 2023.