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Phase 2 911 Call Tracking Data

The Public Safety and Homeland Security Bureau has received 911 call tracking data from certain state and local public safety entities that tracks current trends in the provision of E911 Phase 2 location information delivered to Public Safety Answering Points (PSAPs).  Links to the call tracking data are provided below.   

This page will be updated periodically as the Bureau receives additional data.


Governor’s Office of Emergency Services – All PSAPs [Excel Document]

Governor’s Office of Emergency Services – 24 Urban and Rural PSAPs Charts [Excel Document]

North Carolina

Statewide Aggregate Phase 2 Data [Excel Document]


Statewide Aggregate Phase 2 Data [Excel Document]


Delaware County [Excel Document]


Texas Aggregate Phase 2 Data [Excel Document]

Bexar Metro 911 Network District [PDF]

Greater Harris County 911 Emergency Network

Capital Area Emergency Communications District [Excel Document]

El Paso Texas - Class of Service [PDF]


Utah Phase 2 Data Set [Excel Document]


King County E-911 Program Office, Office of Emergency Management [PDF]


Monday, September 23, 2013