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This report presents historical and current information on local and long distance telephone rates. In addition, telephone price indices and expenditures on telephone service collected by the Bureau of Labor Statistics are presented.

2008 Report. Released 8/08. News Release | Report (PDF)
2007 Report. Released 9/07. News Release | Report (PDF)
2006 Report. Released 8/06. News Release | Report (PDF)
2005 Report. Released 5/05. Report (PDF)
2004 Report. Released 7/04. Report (PDF)
2003 Report. Released 7/03. Report (PDF)
2002 Report. Released 7/02. Report (PDF)
1999 Report. Released 6/99. Report (PDF) | Zip Files
1998 Report. Released 7/98. Report (PDF) | Zip Files
1997 Report. Released 3/97. Report (PDF) | Zip Files (raw data tables in Lotus .wk3 format)

Tuesday, December 17, 2013