The Industry Analysis and Technology Division's reports and data fall into several categories. For a listing of the publications available, click on the category that you are interested in. Much of this information is based on forms that carriers are required to file.

  • Recent ReleasesThis area contains reports released in the past several months.
  • Statistical Trends in TelephonyThis area contains overviews of information available on domestic and international telephone service. It contains the tables and data most frequently requested by the public.
  • Local and Long Distance Telephone IndustriesThis area contains information on local operating companies and interexchange carriers. Topics include revenues, rates, price indices, telephone expenditures, universal service support, market shares, telephone subscribership, state rate cases, and lists of service providers.
  • Local Telephone Competition and Broadband DeploymentThis area contains reports and data on local telephone competition and subscribership to high-speed services. Reports dated after 8/99 summarize data gathered through FCC Form 477, Local Competition and Broadband Reporting.
  • Statistics of Communications Common Carriers - This area contains tables and data from this annual publication. It contains company specific and industry-wide information on telecommunications costs, revenues, prices, and usage.
  • Telephone Industry Infrastructure and Service Quality - This area contains reports describing the physical facilities and service quality of common carriers communications. Topics also include fiber deployment and equal access facilities, as well as information on informal complaints received by the FCC.
  • Federal-State Joint Board Monitoring Reports - These reports and supporting data detail developments in the telecommunications industry. The reports cover industry revenues and contributions; low income support; high-cost support; schools and libraries support; rural health care support; telephone subscribership and penetration; rates and price indices; network usage and growth; quality of service; infrastructure; and revenues, expenses and investment.
  • National Exchange Carrier Association and Universal Service Administrative Company DataNECA is the organization responsible for administering the FCC's interstate Telecommunications Relay Services Fund. It also files access charge tariffs on behalf of smaller local exchange carriers and manages the distribution of interstate access revenues to local exchange carriers. USAC, a wholly owned subsidiary of NECA, administers universal service support mechanisms. In support of these activities, NECA and USAC submit data to the FCC on minutes of use, universal service funding payments to carriers, counts of local loops by state and carrier, and other items of interest.
  • International Traffic DataThis area contains reports and data on international telecommunications service between U.S. points and international points filed pursuant to section 43.61 of the Commission's Rules.
  • Telephone Numbering FactsThis area contains telephone number utilization information and information on the North American Numbering Plan, area codes, 555, 800, and 900 numbers, and long distance carrier code assignments. Current lists of codes can be found at on the world wide web.
Downloading Tips
All new reports posted to this site are now being posted as Adobe PDF files. The FCC has prepared a page to explain the use of Adobe PDF documents. These files will have .PDF as an extension. The data used within the reports will continue to be available as spreadsheets compressed using the ZIP format.