Universal Licensing System

The Universal Licensing System (ULS) is the place to file an application, check the status of an already filed application, or review existing wireless licenses.

Integrated Spectrum Auction System

The Integrated Spectrum Auction System (ISAS) is where you can learn about how to bid in an FCC Spectrum Auction.  The system includes a Form 175 electronic filing component and a bidding component. 

Antenna Structure Registration

The Antenna Structure Registration (ASR) System is the place to register an antenna structure when the structure is above 200 feet or within the glide slope of an airport. 

Tower Construction Notification System  

The Tower Construction Notification System (TCNS) allows companies to voluntarily submit notifications of proposed tower constructions to the FCC. The FCC provides this information to federally-recognized Indian Tribes, Native Hawaiian Organizations (NHOs), and State Historic Preservation Officers (SHPOs), and allows them to respond directly to the companies if they have concerns about a proposed construction.

Section 106 System

The Section 106 System is used in completing the review process for proposed construction of towers and other communications facilities under Section 106 of the National Historic Preservation Act (NHPA).

Spectrum Dashboard

The Spectrum Dashboard allows new ways for citizens to search spectrum in the United States.  You can use the Dashboard to find out how certain spectrum is being used, who owns spectrum licenses around the country, and what spectrum is available in your county.

FCC Commission Registration System

The Commission Registration System (CORES) is where you register to receive a FCC Registration Number (FRN).  You must have a FCC Registration Number (FRN) to conduct business with the FCC such as filing an application in the Universal Licensing System (ULS).

Pay Fees

Pay Fees allows you to pay fees for applications filed in the Universal Licensing System (ULS) online with a credit card.


Pleadings such as petitions and informal objections can be filed against applications filed in the Universal Licensing System (ULS)or against wireless licenses.


Universal Licensing System Data

Download all or parts of the Universal Licensing System (ULS) database in pipe delimited files.

Auctions Data

Search for many types of data regarding FCC Spectrum Auctions that have taken place, such as spectrum band plans, maps, round results for each auction, and much more.

Antenna Structure Registration (ASR) System Data

Download all or parts of the Antenna Structure Registration (ASR) System database in pipe delimited files.


Annual Mobile Wireless Competition Reports

In its annual Mobile Wireless Competition Reports, the FCC examines the state of competition in the mobile wireless industry, which includes commercial mobile radio services (CMRS). The report includes information on mobile wireless subscribership levels, market concentration, pricing plans, network deployment, usage, revenue, investment, spectrum holdings, handset/device offerings, and mobile applications.

Hearing Aid Compatibility Reports

Hearing Aid Compatibility Reports contain information on the mobile wireless handsets offered by mobile wireless service providers and handset manufacturers, and whether the devices are compatible with hearing aids. These companies file the reports annually, providing the FCC with information about the hearing aid compatibility status of each handset offered, the functionalities and labeling of hearing aid-compatible handsets, and consumer outreach efforts.

Local Telephone Competition and Broadband Deployment Reports

The FCC's Local Competition and Broadband Deployment Reports provide data on the extent of local telephone competition and the deployment of Internet access services. This information is collected semi-annually from providers of telephone or Internet access services (at speeds exceeding 200 kilobits per second) – using any type of technology – on FCC Form 477


Friday, November 13, 2015