This page includes information on the extension of filing and regulatory deadlines as a result of Hurricane Sandy. On November 1, 2012, the Wireless Telecommunications Bureau released a Public Notice where the Wireless Bureau extended certain filing and regulatory deadlines occurring between October 27, 2012 and November 2, 2012, until November 5, 2012 for all Wireless Radio Service licensees and applicants.

In addition, certain filing and regulatory deadlines occurring between October 27, 2012, and November 27, 2012, were extended until November 28, 2012 for “affected” licensees in Connecticut, New Jersey, and New York – the states where President Obama issued a major disaster declaration. "Affected” licensees and applicants include those licensees and applicants that operate facilities, or, in a significant manner essential to the business operation, rely on personnel, records, or financial institutions located in these states to provide services or to conduct substantial business activities with the Commission.

To take advantage of the extension, a certification must be included with each filing that states “upon the penalty of perjury that the deadline could not be met within the time otherwise provided in the Commission’s rules because of the hurricane.”

Filing Instructions for Hurricane Relief

To file applications under the hurricane extension procedures outlined in the Public Notice, you must answer the Waiver question on the applicable Universal Licensing System (ULS) form Yes and attach a certification. To attach the certification, select the Attachment Type called “Hurricane Relief” in lieu of a waiver attachment and enter “Hurricane Relief Certification” in the File Description field on the attachment screen in ULS. Filings submitted manually should include an attachment with the hurricane-related certification and the following statement at the top of the attachment: “Hurricane Relief Certification.”

Note: Following this process will also allow you to submit a filing without paying waiver fees if filings are submitted pursuant to the hurricane relief. Normal application fees still apply.

Requesting a Refund in the Event that Unnecessary Fees are Paid

We realize that some parties may not be aware of these temporary filing procedures when submitting filings and therefore may be charged unnecessary waiver fees. You may request a refund of certain fees paid for a waiver pursuant to section 1.1113 of the Commission’s rules if the fee for a waiver was unnecessarily paid because it was not required. In the event that parties submitted an application and unnecessarily paid the fee because the filing is in connection with the hurricane relief, a request for refund of the fee for the waiver may be submitted to: Federal Communications Commission, 1270 Fairfield Road, Gettysburg, PA 17325, Attention: Fee Refund.

The request should include at the top of the first page a statement that reads (as applicable): “Application Waiver Fee Refund Request – Impacted by Hurricane Sandy” and a justification for the requested fee refund. The justification must include the above-described correct certification that the licensee or applicant was at the time an affected licensee or applicant, and that the application was submitted within the period permitted by the hurricane relief. These requests will be processed on an expedited basis. Failure to comply with this guidance and to provide the required information will delay the processing of any request for refund.