(Music plays softly in the background throughout the video)
(Spoken text is captioned on screen)

SCENE 1: A young woman with long blond wavy hair holds a smartphone close to her face and swipes the screen with two fingers. She is smiling. 

FEMALE NARRATOR: "Staying connected can be ..."

SCENE 2: An older woman wearing a colorful yellow blouse sits in a room in her home with plants lining a window in the background. She is sitting and talking on a smartphone.

FEMALE NARRATOR: "...a challenge for people ..."

SCENE 3:  A young man with short hair who has a cochlear implant and wears glasses is holding a tablet. He is video chatting with a woman with long dark hair who appears on the tablet screen

FEMALE NARRATOR: "...with both significant hearing ..."

SCENE 4: A woman with long brown hair and wearing a black shirt and jeans walks along a sidewalk holding a smartphone in front of her face with one hand and uses a white cane with the other. 

FEMALE NARRATOR: "...and vision loss."

SCENE 5: A woman sits in front of a computer monitor with screen magnification software. She moves the cursor around while looking at enlarged pictures of people on Facebook

FEMALE NARRATOR: "iCanConnect provides ..."

SCENE 6: A woman who wears glasses and has long curly hair laughs and smiles while she looks at her laptop.

FEMALE NARRATOR: "...free equipment and training ..."

SCENE 7: Two hands on a small braille display next to a laptop and a smartphone. The laptop has a large-display keyboard.

FEMALE NARRATOR: "...to help people ..."

SCENE 8: A young girl with long light brown hair is wearing glasses and a cochlear implant. She sits in front of a large monitor and video chats with her friend (a young boy with short hair and a red shirt) who appears on the monitor.

FEMALE NARRATOR: "...increase independence and keep in ..."

SCENE 9: A woman who wears dark glasses, a red shirt,  jeans and sneakers sits outside and is laughing while holding a smartphone 

FEMALE NARRATOR: "...touch with their family, friends ..."

SCENE 10: A man with glasses is laughing while he has a text message conversation on a smartphone .

FEMALE NARRATOR: "...and community ..."

SCENE 11: Hands are on and using a braille display.

FEMALE NARRATOR: " There are many types of equipment ..."

SCENE 12: A woman is sitting at a laptop. On the computer screen, the text and cursor are magnified, and the colors are at a high contrast

FEMALE NARRATOR: " ...and software options ..."

SCENE 13: A blonde-haired woman is typing on her smartphone. On the smartphone screen, she types: "are you?" The text is magnified

FEMALE NARRATOR: "...for distance communication ..."

SCENE 14: A middle-aged man signs "Fine, oh" in ASL (American Sign Language) and looks at his laptop while he touches his braille display with his right hand. He nods his head to indicate he understands. 

FEMALE NARRATOR: "...but they can be costly ..."

SCENE 15: A woman wearing a blue shirt is responding to an email on her laptop. The laptop screen is at high contrast and the cursor is magnified.

FEMALE NARRATOR: "...and challenging to learn."

SCENE 16: A close-up of one hand using a braille display. The camera then pans up to reveal a young woman with braided hair and a colorful plaid shirt reading the braille display. 

FEMALE NARRATOR: "iCanConnect puts these ..."

SCENE 17: Two people are at a table. A young blonde woman is smiling at her smartphone, and a man with a cochlear implant is using a braille display to send her messages.

FEMALE NARRATOR: "...life-changing tools ..."

SCENE 18: A close-up of two hands using a braille display that is in front of a laptop. There is a plant in the background. 

FEMALE NARRATOR: "...in people's hands ..."

SCENE 19: A young blonde woman is signing.

FEMALE NARRATOR: "...and provides training ..."

SCENE 20: An older man wearing a turquoise shirt who has a cochlear implant is using a laptop. He is sitting at a desk with various computer equipment. 

FEMALE NARRATOR: "...to improve the ease of use of computers ..."

SCENE 21: A woman in a blue shirt  is sending text messages from her laptop. On the screen, the text is magnified. The message from her friend says "Exactly. Love the beach there. Warm water. In response she is typing "Loved the beach in Florida"

FEMALE NARRATOR: "...smartphones,"

SCENE 22: An older man with a cochlear implant and glasses is video chatting on an iphone. On the screen is a woman with glasses.

FEMALE NARRATOR: "...tablets,..."

SCENE 23: A woman with glasses is smiling and using a tablet. In the background are shelves with pictures of family, books, and movies.

FEMALE NARRATOR: "...braille displays,..."

SCENE 24: a close up of a finger going over a braille display

FEMALE NARRATOR: "...and other technology solutions ..."

SCENE 25: a woman is holding a digital magnifier. On the magnifier's screen is the zoomed in screen of a cell phone she is also holding.

FEMALE NARRATOR: "iCanConnect is proud ..."

SCENE 26: A man with glasses and a hearing aid is using a braille display in an office cubicle. Next to him is a computer with text on the screen, as well as a large print keyboard, an additional braille display, computer speakers, a mouse, a stapler, and tissues. 

FEMALE NARRATOR: "...to help people connect with the world around them ..."

SCENE 27: A man with glasses and a cochlear implant is using a  tablet with a  magnified text conversation. The screen has messages between him and his friend "Patty."

FEMALE NARRATOR: "...in new ways."

SCENE 28: A man with glasses is typing on a smartphone, messaging someone. He sends a smiley face.

FEMALE NARRATOR: "Learn more today or find ..."

SCENE 29: A woman holding and talking on a smartphone walks along a pretty pathway on a sunny day in the fall. 

SCENE 30: The screen crossfades into solid blue and the website and phone number appear in white text.

FEMALE NARRATOR: "...your local contact at iCanConnect.org or call 800-825-4595 ..."

Wednesday, August 3, 2022