(Music plays softly underneath entire video and increases in volume until it finishes right before the contact information at the end.)

SCENE ONE: On a computer screen, a text conversation is displayed.  An older man with a cochlear implant who is wearing a hat sits in front of his home computer and says, “I just so love doing this, talking to her.” On the computer screen, a text conversation is displayed.

FEMALE NARRATOR: “Technology helps people with hearing and vision loss connect in many ways, with widescreen monitors and braille note takers....”

SCENE TWO:  A young girl with long light brown hair and a cochlear implant sitting in front of her computer swipes the computer’s touchscreen with her right hand to expand the text.

SCENE THREE: A middle-aged man signs, ”Fine, oh” in ASL (American Sign Language) and looks at his laptop while he touches his braille display with his right hand. He nods his head to indicate he understands.

SCENE FOUR: A woman with long brown hair and wearing a black shirt and jeans walks along a sidewalk holding a smartphone in front of her face with one hand and uses a white cane with the other.

The voice of a woman she is talking to on the phone says, “I can actually see you. When you get to the end of the block, make a right.”

The woman holding the smartphone says, Excellent.”


SCENE FIVE: A woman who wears glasses and has long curly hair laughs and smiles while she looks at her laptop.

SCENE SIX: A young man with short hair who has a cochlear implant and wears glasses is holding a tablet. He is video chatting with a woman with long dark hair who appears on the tablet screen. The woman says, “We're moving to Florida!” as she smiles.

The man smiles and says, “Oh...Okay!” 

FEMALE NARRATOR: “Screen magnification software..."

SCENE SEVEN: A woman sits in front of a computer monitor with screen magnification software. She moves the cursor around while looking at enlarged pictures of people on Facebook. The woman says, “What a great picture.”

SCENE EIGHT: A middle-aged man is wearing a hearing aid and eyeglasses. One of the lenses in his eyeglasses has a magnifier lens attached to it. He is holding a smartphone close to his face. He is video chatting with a woman who appears on the phone screen. The woman on the phone says, “That's nice, when did you see them?”

The man responds, “I saw them on October 18th.”

FEMALE NARRATOR: “Braille displays..."

SCENE NINE: A young woman with braided hair and a colorful plaid shirt reads a braille display. She laughs and says, “Veronica!”

SCENE TEN: An older man sits in front of his laptop computer with screen reading software. Text appears on the screen. At the same time, the screen reading software’s computer voice says, “Baseball clinic has been canceled.”

FEMALE NARRATOR: “Screen-reading software..."

The man responds, “Oh man!”

SCENE ELEVEN: A middle-aged woman who wears dark glasses and a Bluetooth device in her ear sits in a dimly lit room. She is reading email on her tablet. She is wearing a jean jacket, a patterned colorful shirt and silver necklace. A computer voice coming from the tablet says, “Can I come by to say hello?”

 FEMALE NARRATOR: “With tablets..."

The woman reading her tablet says, “Oh, that sounds like a plan.”

SCENE TWELVE: A woman who wears dark glasses, a red shirt, jeans and sneakers sits outside. She holds her smartphone close to her face.

FEMALE NARRATOR: “And smartphones..."

The woman reads a message on her smartphone and smiles and laughs.

SCENE THIRTEEN: A man who wears a hearing aid and glasses sits in front of a computer monitor in an office cubicle. He reads from a braille display and then types on the specialized keyboard of his computer.

FEMALE NARRATOR: “Desktop computers, specialized keyboards..."

SCENE FOURTEEN: An older woman wearing a colorful yellow blouse sits in a room in her home with plants lining a window in the background. She hears a computer voice ask, “Do you want to go to lunch today?”

FEMALE NARRATOR: “...and more.”

After listening to the message, the woman says, “That's nice.”


SCENE FIFTEEN: A young woman with long blond wavy hair holds a smartphone close to her face and swipes the screen with two fingers. She smiles, then looks a little disappointed as she says, “Oh, but.”

SCENE SIXTEEN: A young girl with long light brown hair is wearing glasses and a cochlear implant. She sits in front of a large monitor and video chats with her friend (a young boy with short hair and a red shirt) who appears on the monitor.  She says, “Kids!” And they both laugh.

FEMALE NARRATOR: “iCanConnect provides equipment and training to help people with combined hearing and vision loss connect with the world. Find your state program at icanconnect.org, or call 800-825-4595, or TTY: 888-320-2656.”

Wednesday, January 10, 2018