Program audits include both economy and efficiency. Economy and efficiency audits determine (1) whether the entity is acquiring, protecting, and using its resources (such as personnel, property, and space) economically and efficiently, (2) the causes of any inefficiencies or uneconomical practices, and (3) whether the entity has complied with laws and regulation on matters related to economy and efficiency. Performance audits also include reviews of selected programs and activities to evaluate their overall effectiveness in achieving anticipated results. Program audits determine:

  1. the extent to which desired results or benefits established by the legislation or other authorizing body are being achieved,

  2. the effectiveness of organizations, programs, activities or functions, and

  3. whether the entity has complied with significant laws and regulations applicable to the program.

Major programs that we are currently focusing resources on include:

  • The Universal Service Fund – The objective of our effort has been to prevent and detect fraud, waste and abuse in the Universal Service Program.

  • The Commission’s Workplace Violence Program - The objective of our effort has been to examine all aspects of the Commission’s workplace violence program and make recommendations for program improvement.



Wednesday, December 9, 2015