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  • Bureau/Office

Office of Workplace Diversity

The Office of Workplace Diversity (OWD) focuses on diversity and inclusion, equal employment opportunity (EEO), and alternative dispute resolution matters. The EEO program has two objectives:  to provide a full and fair opportunity for all employees, regardless of race, religion, gender, color, age, disability, sexual orientation or national origin.  The second objective is to enable all employees to carry out their duties in the workplace free from unlawful discriminatory treatment, including sexual harassment and retaliation.  Specifically, OWD is charged with taking steps to foster a diverse workforce; with promoting and ensuring equal opportunity for all FCC employees and candidates for employment.   

  • Internship Period(s)

Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer Semesters

  • General Duties

Support the Office of Workplace Diversity with projects that may include:

  • Promoting EEO:
    • Prepare legal documents such as Acceptance and Dismissal Letters, Final Agency Decisions, and Final Orders;
    • Prepare Reports to Congress, Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, Office of Personnel Management, and the Department of Justice;
    • Review Reports of Investigation involving complaints of discrimination;
    • Provide information to complainants (employees, former employees, and applicants) regarding the EEO complaint process.
  • Implementation of the FCC’s continuing affirmative employment programs
    • Assist in the establishment of Affinity Groups to promote equal employment opportunity;
    • Draft the FCC’s Strategic Diversity Plan;
    • Educating supervisors and managers on EEO;
    • Publicizing the FCC’s affirmative employment programs;
    • Reviewing the Employee Viewpoint Survey to ascertain possible discriminatory practices and policies;
    • Surveying the workforce for possible discriminatory practices and policies;
    • Participating in outreach to educational organizations, trade groups, military organizations, special interest groups, etc. to improve EEO; and
    • Summarizing data for submission to Congress, Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, Office of Personnel Management, and the Department of Justice
  • Implementation of the FCC’s Alternative Dispute Resolution Program:
    • Assist in managing mediation requests brought to the ADR Program, providing case-by-case procedural analysis and recommendations during all stages of the mediation process;
    • Participate in designing and implementing training and education initiatives for an individual employee and group engagement to understand and managing workplace conflict;
    • Research and evaluate employee data and surveys to develop and guide employee program initiatives such as focus groups in addressing workplace concerns;
    • Attend offsite training and meetings to network with federal alternative dispute resolution practitioners while gaining insight on tools and techniques for effective dispute resolution
  • Implementation of the FCC’s Reasonable Accommodations Program:
    • Providing guidance to employees, applicants, supervisors and managers regarding the Reasonable Accommodations procedures;
    • Preparing legal documents approving or disapproving of accommodations;
    • Participating in the interactive process with requesters and the management team;
    • Tracking reasonable accommodations requests;
    • Automating the reasonable accommodations process; and
    • Summarizing data for submission to Congress, Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, Office of Personnel Management, and the Department of Justice.
  • Selection Criteria

We welcome inquiries from full-time or part-time students in an accredited college/university or law school.  Applicants should have good written and oral communications skills, some relevant academic training, and an interest in either the equal employment opportunity process, diversity and inclusion or conflict resolution.  Law students and students majoring in marketing, conflict resolution and/or business are encouraged to apply.

  • Other criteria that will be considered include:
    • Willingness to take initiative and motivation to seek new learning opportunities
    • Sharp attention to detail when proofreading or fact-checking
    • Ability to meet deadlines
    • Good research ability, command of the Internet and social media
    • Professionalism
  • Send Application to

Farnese McDonald at Farnese.McDonald@fcc.gov

  • Application Information
    • Resumé, cover letter, a 3-5-page writing sample, references, most recent transcript, letter of recommendation or reference.
  • Terms of Service
    • Internships are unpaid.
    • We require a minimum of six weeks consecutive service, preferably on a full-time (40 hours per week) basis.
    • Interns must be participating in an academic program for a bachelors or graduate degree to be eligible for the internship. Students graduating college/graduate school before the internship begins are not eligible to participate in the internship program with an exception for students that have graduated college and are enrolled in graduate school.
    • For students interested in receiving academic credit or a work-study arrangement for the internship, we are generally able to work with the student and their university to ensure any requirements are met.
  • Application Deadline
    • Applications are received and considered on a rolling basis.

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Monday, May 14, 2018