Since my blogpost yesterday, we’ve been moving fast at the FCC.  We’re taking licensing steps and other actions that should be helpful in getting communications services to Haiti. Here’s what we’re doing:

Today, the FCC issued a press release in which Chairman Genachowski said, “Haiti’s need for communications services is extraordinary and urgent, and the FCC is strongly committed to doing our part.”The press release identified FCC actions and provided agency contact information for the public;

  • The FCC posted a link on its homepage regarding donations;
  • Today, the International Bureau issued a Public Notice to ease procedures for satellite applications to help emergency communications services initiate, resume, and maintain operations in the areas affected by the earthquake in Haiti;
  • We issued special temporary authorities (“STAs”) to increase available satellite capacity over Haiti;
  • We continued participating in coordination efforts with the U.S. Government and private industry, including representatives from companies serving Haiti to identify the communications situation in Haiti and related needs;
  • The FCC has been working with the State Department on issues related to importation and operation of emergency communications equipment in Haiti;
  • The International Bureau is providing, as requested, technical analysis of carriers’ technical proposals for provision of temporary services; and
  • We’re reviewing the spectrum allocation and assignment table for Haiti to ensure that U.S.-originated equipment and systems will not cause interference to incumbent systems.

At the FCC, we’ll continue through the weekend and well beyond to do what we can in our area – communications, which are vital to all. And we are grateful for the many humanitarian and other efforts throughout the world to help Haiti.

Check back here for updates.