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Communications Equity and Diversity Council Meeting - November 2021

10:00 am - 1:30 pm EDT
Online Only


The CEDC’s mission is to focus on diversity and equity issues across the tech sector. This Committee will provide the Commission recommendations on advancing equity in the provision of and access to digital communication services and products for all people of the United States. The primary agenda of the CEDC’s first meeting was to introduce the members of the Committee, set out initial assignments, and begin the selection process for working group membership. The CEDC also reviewed the ACDDE’s reports and recommendations, for its charter ending July 5, 2021. Further, the Committee began discussing how best to accomplish its mission as described above. See the Public Notice for the full agenda.

The CEDC meeting was convened in an online format and was available to the public via live feed from the FCC’s web page at www.fcc.gov/live and on the FCC’s YouTube channel. The public could also follow the meeting on Twitter@fcc and via the Commission’s Facebook page at www.facebook.com/fcc.


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Jamila Bess Johnson, DFO

Rashann Duvall, Co-Deputy DFO

Keyla Hernandez-Ulloa,
Co-Deputy DFO