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Communications Equity and Diversity Council Meeting - July 2022

10:30 am - 3:30 pm EDT
Online Only


The agenda for the meeting included a report of each of the CEDC working groups. The Digital Empowerment and Inclusion Working Group presented a report including their ongoing efforts to identify innovative solutions and provide recommendations for how to accelerate the equitable deployment of broadband access in all communities. The Innovation and Access Working Group reported on its activities to recommend solutions to reduce entry barriers and encourage ownership and management of media, digital, communications services and next-generation technology properties, and start-ups to encourage viewpoint diversity by a broad range of voices. The Diversity and Equity Working Group reported on its progress in examining how the FCC can affirmatively advance equity, civil rights, racial justice, and equal opportunity in the telecommunications industry to address inequalities in workplace employment policies and programs.

The CEDC meeting was convened in an online format and was available to the public via live feed from the FCC’s web page at www.fcc.gov/live and on the FCC’s YouTube channel. The public could also follow the meeting on Twitter@fcc or via the Commission’s Facebook page at www.facebook.com/fcc. Members of the public submitted questions during the meeting to livequestions@fcc.gov.

Members of the public may submit written comments to the CEDC using the FCC’s Electronic Comment Filing System, ECFS, at www.fcc.gov/ecfs. Any comments should be filed in GN Docket No. 17-208.


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Jamila Bess Johnson, DFO

Keyla Hernandez-Ulloa,
Co-Deputy DFO

Aurelie Mathieu,
Attorney Advisor, WCB