1. Browse the internship positions currently available at the FCC.
  2. Research the various Bureaus and Offices to learn more about them and choose a location that best fits your interests and goals.
  3. Apply for positions by submitting the information requested in each posting.
  4. Please be patient. Due to the large volume of applications, the Commission is not able to reply to every submission received or to track the status of each application.
  5. Only after you have been contacted by someone from the Commission and instructed to do so, download and fill out the required forms below and submit them to your contact person at the Commission.

Required Forms:

Note: Please do not download or submit these forms unless you have been contacted by the commission and invited to join the FCC's internship program.  

Below are links to copies of the forms that must be filled out prior to your internship. These forms are necessary in order to ensure that there are no conflicts of interest that would prohibit a candidate from working on specific proceedings. These forms should not be completed or submitted unless the candidate has been contacted and instructed to do so by someone from the Commission.