June 1, 2021

To enable the staff of the Office of the Secretary to provide faster and more efficient service, we urge you to follow these guidelines in preparing and submitting “uniform” paper filings.

Note:  *For all docketed, non-docketed and rulemaking proceedings we encourage you to file electronically utilizing the FCC’s electronic comment filing system (ECFS) at https://www.fcc.gov/ecfs/.

Confidential, Not for Public Inspection

Documents containing information to be withheld from public inspection should be clearly and conspicuously labeled.

CONFIDENTIAL, NOT FOR PUBLIC INSPECTION.”  This designation should be placed in the upper right-hand corner of each page.  If these instructions are not followed, the filer increases the risk for inadvertent disclosure of confidential information.

Font Type

All filings should be in 12-point type font or legibly written.


The filing package should consist of the original, unstapled document and the required number of copies.

  • Do not staple the original document; staple each copy individually.
  • Use a rubber band, binder clip or Acco-type fastener to hold the package together.

Transmittal Letter or Other Explanatory Document

If the filing is “self-explanatory”, no transmittal letter is required.  If explanatory information is included, a copy of the transmittal letter should be included with the original document and each copy of the filing.


Signatures should be original and placed above the typed or clearly printed name to ensure legibility.

Contact Name

It is advisable to include a contact name, address, and telephone number in the document.

Hand-Delivered Filings

When using a courier service for hand-delivered filings:

  • Instruct delivery service personnel to remove the filing package from the envelope or box before submission.  (This includes confidential material).
  • Arrange to avoid the need for a [FCC staff person’s] signature on a messenger receipt form.  We will sign for receipt of a filing or provide a stamped & return receipt copy, but not both and only if requested.
  • Filings should be “ready for submission.”  “Ready for submission” means that the filing is signed, clearly and conspicuously labeled, and properly bound with the required number of copies.  If needed, place a copy of the transmittal letter or filing on the top of the filing package.
  • “Ready for submission” also means that the filing is not contained in an envelope or box.  (This includes confidential material). 

Stamp and return receipt copy:

  • You may receive a stamped, and return receipt copy (for hand-delivery filings only) by placing a copy of either the transmittal letter or the first page of the filing on top of the filing package.  One and only one stamped, receipt copy will be issued per filing.
  • For U.S. Postal or overnight-delivered filings, place of copy of either the transmittal letter or the first page of the filing on top of the filing package.  Provide a postage-stamped and fully addressed return envelope or overnight delivery envelope with a fully addressed return label.

Number of Paper Copies Required

Except as otherwise specifically provided in the Commission’s Rules (See Section 1.51), the number of documents to be filed is as follows:

            Rule-Making Proceedings (indent/bullet/italics)

            Petitions, Comments, Reply Comments:

  • Required by the Commission:       Original & 1
  • Informal Comments:                     Original & 1
  • Table of Allotments:                     Original & 1
  • Participants that file comments and replies in electronic form need only submit one copy of those comments, so long as the submission conforms to any procedural or filing requirements established for formal electronic comments.

Hearing Proceedings (indent/bullet/italic)

Documents decided by:

  • Administrative Law Judges:         Original & 1
  • Full Commission:                          Original & 1
  • Notices of Appearance:                 Original & 1
  • Deposition:                                    Original & 1
  • Interrogatories:                              Original & 1

All Other Filings

  • Pleadings, Briefs, Petitions, etc.:  Original & 1
  • Participants that file pleadings, brief or other documents electronically in ULS need only submit one copy, so long as the submission conforms to any procedural or filing requirement established for formal electronic comments.**


Date Last Updated/Reviewed: 
Tuesday, June 1, 2021