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Nielsen Media Research
Date Issued: September 1, 2002

Nielsen Media Research

Media Bureau Staff Research Paper 2002-8 (Sept 2002) was written by Nielsen Media Research and provided to the FCC.  The paper examines consumers' media usage patterns to assess how the FCC’s media ownership policies could better reflect today’s dynamic media market. The study objectives were to recontact persons 18 years of age or older in households in the United States who completed a Nielsen diary and collect information regarding their media usage patterns.

The sample frame for this study consisted of diary households in the United States with one or more household members 18 years of age or older who may or may not have viewed one or more quarter hours television during the NSI diary week. The sample was selected from the February 2002 and May 2002 NSI diary measurement periods.  Telephone interviews, using a computer assisted telephone interviewing system, were used to collect the information from the sample households.