“This page is a digitally archived AccessInfo Announcement”

On Thursday, July 17, the FCC's Accessibility and Innovation Initiative will host a public event called "Accessing Social Media."  The purpose is to promote collaborative, cross-sector problem-solving on how to produce and consume accessible social media, considering authoring tools, client apps, and best practices for various disability constituencies.


The event will be held in the Commission Meeting Room at FCC headquarters and will include panels of industry, consumer, and government representatives. We will also have technology demonstrations in an exhibit area on the same floor. The #AccSocMedia hashtag on Twitter is designated for the event.


We invite expressions of interest from organizations or individuals who may wish to participate in the event as a speaker or exhibitor.  Details about the agenda will be added to the following web page when available:




For more information, contact Jamal Mazrui at 202.418-0069 or via email at jamal.mazrui@fcc.gov<mailto:jamal.mazrui@fcc.gov>, or Kelly Jones at 202.418-7078 or via email at  kelly.jones@fcc.gov<mailto:kelly.jones@fcc.gov>.

Friday, November 25, 2016