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From: Chris [myfarmalls@earthlink.net]
Sent: Saturday, December 13, 2003 3:21 PM
To: voipforum
Subject: VoIP -Voice Over Internet Protocol


As the nation's regulatory arm of communication, and the agency that deregulated telephone companies across the nation, I am at a loss to try to figure out why you believe the FCC should have power over a technology that is not dominated by the US.

This e-mail is to discourage taxing IP telephony.

This e-mail is do discourage the FCC from imposing fees on VoIP.

This e-mail asks that you leave this area of technology alone: allow competition and innovation to flourish, do not regulate the IP telephohne and VoIP industries.  If you do, it like so many other industries , these too will be lost to other countries.

What happened when you regulated and killed telecomm industry? The companies went where they were not under the thumb of the FCC. Look at the rapidly growing Telecom business in India and know you created that booming growth --but NOT in America.

Look at deregulation of the cable industry did. It didn't lower the cost of cable to individuals like you promised.  It just made it more expensive and out of the reach of millions of consumers.

Taxation and regulation of the IP telephony / VoIP industry here in the U.S. will put the technology on a silver platter for other countries to profit --but NOT the U.S.

Thank you.

Karren Rhodes, Dayton, Nevada


(775) 33-8326


Wednesday, March 25, 2009