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The Paperwork Reduction Act (PRA) requires federal agencies to submit public information collection requests to the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) for approval before information can be collected. More information related to the requirements can be found in the new Paperwork Reduction Act guide at https://pra.digital.gov/.

The listing below is updated daily and includes all approved information collections, for which the FCC has received prior approval from OMB, as well as all collections currently under OMB review. Click on an OMB Control Number or the Information Collection Review (ICR) Reference Number to gain further detail about each collection.

This data is updated daily via Reginfo.gov.

Here are some helpful tips before diving in:

  1. To search distinctly: Locate the magnifying glass, Search Icon, directly under the FCC Logo, to the left of where it states "FCC Active Information Collections under the Paperwork Reduction Act" or "FCC Pending Information Collections under the Paperwork Reduction Act". Select it, type in your search term and press enter.
  2. Exploring the data: There are Navigation bars along the right side and bottom of each dataset. Scrolling down will unveil more information collections, whereas scrolling to the right will unveil more descriptive fields about each information collection.
  3. Selecting the OMB Control Number or ICR Reference Number will navigate you to more granular detail about the information collection on reginfo.gov
  4. The Menu button allows you to download the data or connect to it via API or OData.
  5. If you select the dataset title "FCC Active Information Collections under the Paperwork Reduction Act" and follow the prompt, you will visit the FCC's Open Data Portal. From which, you can interact with the data by filtering, creating charts, and customizing your view/s. Saving your views and charts to your profile allows the data to stay connected and updated as records are added/removed. Furthermore, by visiting opendata.fcc.gov, you can do the same things with many other datasets the FCC releases to the public.

Approved Collections

Collections Currently Under OMB Review

Friday, June 8, 2018