DIRS is a voluntary, efficient, web-based system that communications companies, including wireless, wireline, broadcast, and cable providers, can use to report communications infrastructure status and situational awareness information during times of crisis. DIRS streamlines the reporting process and enables communications providers to share network status information with the Commission quickly and efficiently.  The FCC determines whether to activate DIRS in conjunction with FEMA, and announces to participating providers via public notice or email the area that will be covered by the activation and specifics about requested submissions.

Benefits for Communications Providers

  • Designate contact: Allows communications providers to identify the appropriate contact for his/her station during emergencies; and, in turn, eliminates lost time when trying to identify and coordinate with the federal contacts who can provide immediate assistance.
  • Receive help: Provides an avenue for communications providers to restore their operations and receive additional help during emergencies, e.g., securing generators, fuel, etc.
  • Streamline requests: Reduces the number of requests from various government agencies for status of each station. Other government agencies will rely on the FCC (DIRS) for status of each broadcast station.
  • Aid your community: Better ensures that communications providers will be able to serve their communities, providing them with critical updates and risk communications information from reliable and credible sources during emergencies.

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*This system is for communications providers only


For questions about DIRS, contact:

John Healy

Email: John.Healy@fcc.gov
Phone: 202-418-2448

David Ahn
Email: David.Ahn@fcc.gov
Phone: 202-418-0853

Julia Tu
Email: Julia.Tu@fcc.gov
Phone: 202-418-0731

Thursday, December 3, 2015