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Included here are additional interactive charts and maps not included in the released version of the 20th Report.

Web Appendix I: Coverage Maps

For the maps shown here, the number of service providers in a census block represents network coverage only.  Network coverage does not necessarily reflect the number of service providers that actively offer service to individuals located in a given area.

Nationwide Mobile Wireless Coverage, Year-End 2016

3G or Better Mobile Wireless Network Coverage, Year-End 2016

Nationwide LTE Coverage, Year-End 2016

LTE Coverage by Number of Providers, Year-End 2016

Web Appendix II: Characteristics of the Mobile Wireless Industry

EA Penetration Rates: 2013-2016

Web Appendix III: Elements of Inter-Firm Rivalry

Coverage Based on Mosaik Data

Coverage Based on Form 477 Data

Web Appendix IV: List of Abbreviations and Acronyms

List of Terms

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