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The Commission has allocated fifty megahertz of spectrum in the 4940-4990 MHz band (4.9 GHz band) for fixed and mobile services (except aeronautical mobile service) and designated this band for use in support of public safety. Non-traditional public safety entities, such as utilities and commercial entities, and the Federal Government may enter into sharing arrangements with eligible traditional public safety entities to use the 4.9 GHz band in support of their missions regarding homeland security and protection of life and property.

The 4.9 GHz band supports a wide variety of broadband applications. The following the types of uses have primary status in the 4.9 GHz band (however, all licensees will make every practical effort to protect radio astronomy operations identified in the Table of Frequency Allocations):

  • Wireless LANs for incident scene management (ad hoc mobile networks)
  • Mesh networks
  • Wi-fi hotspots
  • Voice over IP (VoIP)
  • Temporary fixed communications
  • Permanent fixed point-to-point/multipoint links that deliver broadband service
  • Permanent fixed point-to-point video surveillance
  • Permanent fixed point-to-point/multipoint backhaul of broadband traffic originating from 700 MHz public safety broadband networks

The following types of uses have secondary status to primary uses of the band:

  • Permanent fixed point-to-point/multipoint links that deliver narrowband traffic
  • Permanent fixed point-to-point/multipoint backhaul of traffic originating from public safety bands not designated for broadband (i.e. public safety VHF, UHF, narrowband 700 MHz and 800 MHz) to other networks

Rules for the 4.9 GHz band are in 47 C.F.R. Part 90, Sections 90.1201 through 90.1217.




Friday, October 20, 2023