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Debra Jordan Debra Jordan is Chief of the Public Safety and Homeland Security Bureau, where she oversees public safety, homeland security, emergency management, cybersecurity, and disaster preparedness activities at the FCC. She leads efforts to ensure that the nation’s first responders and the public have access to effective and reliable communications. Under Ms. Jordan’s leadership, the Bureau develops and implements policies to strengthen 911, emergency alerting, network reliability and security, and first responder communications. The Bureau also collaborates closely with Federal government partners responsible for protecting the Nation’s communications infrastructure.

Prior to assuming the role of Bureau Chief in January 2022, Ms. Jordan served as Deputy Chief of the Bureau, where she led emergency preparedness and response efforts and represented the FCC at various interagency committees and task forces related to cybersecurity, supply chain risk management, national security, and continuity.

Before joining the FCC in 2015, Ms. Jordan served as a civilian within the Department of Defense, where she managed a variety of critical information and communications systems. While at DoD, Ms. Jordan served as the Command Information Officer for the Naval Facilities Engineering Command, where she led the Navy’s development of a cybersecurity roadmap for critical utilities and facilities infrastructure. She also served numerous assignments to enhance Navy communications networks and telephony services across the Pacific region. As Executive Agent for the U.S. Pacific Command, she led the establishment of E911 and Public Safety Answering Points for the DoD’s command and control communications system in the State of Hawaii, including an integrated fail-over capability with county and state first responders. She also served as DoD’s representative to the Hawaii State Public Utilities Commission for numerous communications issues. As Executive Director for Commander, Navy Region Hawaii, she oversaw the migration of emergency communications systems, including integrating communications with state and local first responders.

Ms. Jordan, a native of Hawaii, is a third-generation Asian American. She has received multiple Navy Superior and Meritorious Civilian Service Awards.

Friday, November 3, 2023