America Online & Time Warner:
Documents Filed In Other Proceedings And Included By FCC Staff In This Record

FCC Public Notice DA 00-689, dated March 27, 2000, designated interested parties to file comments or petitions to deny the applications in this proceeding no later than April 26, 2000. Oppositions or responses to these comments were to be filed no later than May 11, 2000. Filings after May 11, 2000 are ex parte presentations.

Below is a list of ex parte documents in reverse chronological order.

MCI WorldCom, Inc. Comments

Petition of GTE Service Corporation, et al. To Deny Application, or in the Alternative, to Condition the Merger on Open Access Requirements

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Time Warner Cable Notice of Ex Parte Presentation

U S West Petition to Deny Applications or to Condition Any Grant


Wednesday, October 10, 2001