Fact Sheet


Auction 49 began on 5/28/2003 and closed on 6/13/2003.

Round 86. (See PN DA 03-1978)

MSA/RSA Block C: (710-716, 740-746 MHz)
EAG Block D: (716-722 MHz)


Block C: 12 MHz (2 x 6 MHz paired)
Block D: 6 MHz (unpaired)

Winning Bidders:
35 bidders won 251 licenses (5 EAG & 246 CMAs)
Qualified Bidders
Licenses Won:
Total Licenses:
Net Bids
Gross Bids:

Event Date
Pre-Auction Seminar
Form 175 (Short Form) Application Filing Deadline
Upfront Payments Deadline
Mock Auction
Auction Start
Auction Closed
Bidding credits are available to small and very small businesses and entrepreneurs or consortia thereof, (as defined in 47 C.F.R. § 1.2110(f), 27.702. A bidding credit represents the amount by which a bidder's winning bids are discounted. The size of the bidding credit depends on the average annual gross revenues for the preceding three years of the bidder, its affiliates, its controlling interests, and the affiliates of its controlling interests: A bidder that qualifies as an entrepreneur may bid on EAG licenses in Block D, but will only receive a 25 percent bidding credit on any EAG license that it wins. Bidding credits are not cumulative; a qualifying applicant receives either the 15 percent, 25 percent or the 35 percent bidding credit on its winning bid, but only one credit per license.
To aid potential bidders, the Bureau issued a Due Diligence Announcement ( (PN DA 03-845) listing incumbent licensees operating in these bands. The Commission makes no representations or guarantees that the matters listed in this Due Diligence Announcement are the only pending matters that could affect spectrum availability in these services.