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Auction 53 began on 1/14/2004 and closed on 1/27/2004.

Round 49. (See PN DA 04-215).

12.2-12.7 GHz unpaired


500 MHz per license

Winning Bidders:
10 bidders won 192 licenses
Qualified Bidders
Licenses Won:
Total Licenses:
Net Bids
Gross Bids:

Event Date
Pre-Auction Seminar
Form 175 (Short Form) Application Filing Window Opens
10/29/2003; 12:00 noon ET
Form 175 (Short Form) Application Filing Deadline
11/12/2003; 6:00 pm ET
Upfront Payments Deadline
12/8/2003; 6:00 pm ET
Mock Auction
Auction Start
Auction Closed
The MVDDS operator must comply strictly with all of the requirements set forth in 47 C.F.R. §§ 101.103(f) and 101.1440. Among other things, the MVDDS licensee shall, prior to the construction or addition of an MVDDS transmitting antenna, provide notice of intent to construct the proposed antenna site to NGSO FSS licensees operating in the 12.2-12.7 GHz frequency band and maintain an Internet web site of all existing transmitting sites and transmitting antennas that are scheduled for operation within one year including the "in service" dates. At least 90 days prior to the planned date of commencement of MVDDS operations, the MVDDS licensee shall provide relevant information to Direct Broadcast Satellite ("DBS") licensee(s), including the geographic location of its proposed station license, the maximum EIRP of each transmitting antenna and the description of the proposed service area. In addition, the MVDDS operator must make a determination of whether its signal level(s) will exceed the EPFD limit at any DBS customer of record sites. To assist in making this determination, the MVDDS provider can use the EPFD contour model developed by the Commission and described in Appendix J of Amendment of Parts 2 and 25 of the Commission’s Rules to Permit Operation of NGSO FSS Systems Co-Frequency with GSO and Terrestrial Systems in the Ku-Band Frequency Range, Memorandum Opinion and Order and Second Report and Order, 17 FCC Rcd 9614 (2002) or on the FCC’s Office of Engineering and Technology website et98-206.