Auction Seminar

This seminar was held on October 29, 2003. You may view the presentations below.

Presentation Slides


Pre-Auction Process


Barbara Sibert, Auctions Marketing Specialist, Auctions Operations Branch
pdf - ppt
Telephonic Bid Entry Script: pdf - ppt

Overview of MVDDS Rules and Due Diligence


Jennifer Burton, Attorney, Policy & Rules Branch, Public Safety and Private Wireless Division (PSPWD), Michael Pollak, Engineer, Policy & Rules Branch, PSPWD


Beth Fishel, Industry Analyst, PSPWD

Overview of Tribal Land Bidding Credit


Michael Connelly, Attorney Advisor, Policy & Rules Branch, Commercial Wireless Division

Overview of Auction Rules and Electronic Filing of Form 175


Brian Carter, Special Counsel, Auctions Industry and Analysis Division


Yiping Osser
Form 175 Screen Shots: pdf - pdf2 - ppt - ppt2

Wire Transfer & Payment Process


Gail Glasser, Financial Management Specialist, Auctions Accounting Group

Overview of Auction Process & FCC Automated Auction System


Roy Knowles, Wireless Telecommunications Analyst, Auctions Operations Branch
pdf - PowerPoint
Auctions Bidding System Screen Shots: pdf1 (pdf) - pdf2 (pdf) - pdf1 (PowerPoint) - pdf2 (PowerPoint)