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Former FCC Commissioner James Quello

Senior Commissioner Jim Quello, often referred to as the "Dean" of the FCC, was appointed in 1974 and has been confirmed to four different terms. Prior to his tenure at the FCC, Commissioner Quello was VP and GM of Station WJR, Detroit. As a broadcaster, he was recognized for his numerous civic and public service projects.

While managing Station WJR, he served as a Detroit Housing and Urban Renewal Commissioner for 21 years, appointed by four different Mayors. He also served for 22 years as a Trustee for the Michigan Veterans Trust Fund, appointed by both Democratic and Republican governors.

He served in the Army during World War II for five years; three of which were overseas in Africa, Sicily, Italy, France and Germany. He survived six amphibious landings, earned several decorations and campaign ribbons, and rose in rank from lieutenant to Lieutenant Colonel.

Commissioner Quello served as the interim FCC Chairman for 11 months in 1993. He has received over three dozen telecommunications awards and honors which he humorously calls pre-posthumous awards. He also claims that age generates venerability -- "When you become venerable, you get credit for virtues you never possessed."

In 1994, he was presented the Distinguished Service Award by the National Association of Broadcasters. Commissioner Quello is a former president and Lifetime Achievement Award winner of the Michigan Association of Broadcasters, which once introduced him as a cross between Damon Runyon and the Godfather.

In 1995, Commissioner Quello was inducted into the Broadcasting & Cable Hall of Fame in New York City and was presented the first Milestone Award by the Institute for Communications Law Studies at The Catholic University of America. In 1996, he was honored by the John Bayliss Broadcast Foundation and was inducted into the Museum of Broadcast Communications' Radio Hall of Fame.

In 1997, Commissioner Quello received the Distinguished Service Award from both ALTV and NCTA, where Ted Turner presented the award, "for uncommon devotion to his country in peace and war."

On his 23rd anniversary at the FCC, Commissioner Quello was honored by Chairman Hundt and Commissioners Ness and Chong at a laudatory dinner attended by over 1,200 devoted friends and family, as well as many distinguished members of the community.

On May 4 1997, Commissioner Quello was presented the Ellis Island Medal of Honor Award and on May 20th, Tom Murphy, former CEO of Capital Cities/ABC, presented the International Radio and Television Society Foundation, Inc.'s Lifetime Achievement Award."

He also was once characterized as "Trumanesque" for his forthright, down to earth, approach to government deliberations.

As Commissioner Quello says about his war stories, his own biography, "becomes more heroic with every telling!"


Tuesday, March 8, 2005