The Commission’s incubator program is designed to support new and diverse entrants in the radio broadcasting industry by encouraging larger, experienced broadcasters to assist small, aspiring or struggling broadcasters that otherwise lack the financing or operational expertise necessary to own and operate a full-service radio station.

Incubator Webinar. On October 30, 2018, the Media Bureau hosted a free webinar on the incubator program. The webinar reviewed the basic elements of the incubator program, including the eligibility standards, the application process, and guidelines for completing the program successfully. A video recording and slides from the presentation are now available.

Public Notices, Orders, and Other Related Documents

October 2018

  • Public Notice, Update on Media Bureau Informational Webinar for Broadcast Incubator Program, DA 18-1065, released October 17, 2018:
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  • Public Notice, Media Bureau Announces Information Webinar for Broadcast Incubator Program, DA 18-1031, released October 5, 2018:
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August 2018

  • R&O, Rules and Policies to Promote New Entry and Ownership Diversity in the Broadcasting Services, FCC 18-114, released Aug. 3, 2018:
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Wednesday, October 31, 2018