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This chart was included as guidance for interested applicants in the Wireline Competition Bureau's Connected Care Pilot Program November Public Notice

Pleast Note: The chart is illustrative and is not intended to be exhaustive.


Eligible Services


Patient Broadband Internet Access Services/Health Care Provider Broadband Data Connections

New or upgraded broadband connections (whether for health care provider or participating patients) necessary for connected care services for the Pilot Program.


  • Broadband Connections
    • Digital Subscriber Line
    • Cable Modem
    • Other Copper Wireline
    • Optical Carrier/Fiber to the End-User
    • Terrestrial Fixed Wireless
    • Mobile Wireless (e.g., 3G, LTE, 4G, 5G)
    • Satellite
    • Broadband over Powerline
  • Firewall Service

Connected Care Information Services

Services for connected care that capture, transmit (including video visits), and store health care data for connected care.  This includes information services with “store-and-forward” technology, patient reported outcome platforms, and remote patient monitoring capabilities to monitor patients.


  • HIPAA compliant (or requirement waived) video services
  • HIPAA compliant (or requirement waived) telehealth solutions/packages/platforms, suites of services.
  • One-time, annual, recurring monthly costs for information service
  • Licenses, subscriptions, or recurring charges necessary for providers to access or use eligible information service.

Network Equipment

Certain network equipment necessary to make newly acquired or upgraded Internet service for the HCP/Patient for the Pilot Program functional (e.g., routers) or necessary to manage, control, or operate a supported broadband service.


  • Equipment that terminates at a carrier’s or other provider’s transmission facility and any router/switch that is directly connected to either the facility or the terminating equipment. 
  • Network equipment that helps manage, control, or operate a supported broadband service (consortia applicants only)
  • Servers used exclusively for eligible broadband services
  • Routers (including at patient’s home)
  • Switches


Various miscellaneous costs associated with eligible services listed above may be eligible for support.  Applicants should request eligible miscellaneous services in the same category as the associated service being obtained or installed. 

  • Installation, Activation, and Initial Configuration (including implementation and integration costs necessary to integrate eligible information services with existing systems).
  • Fees and charges that are a necessary component of an eligible service:
    • Shipping charges
    • Taxes, surcharges, and other reasonable charges incurred in obtaining an eligible product or service.

Ineligible Services

  • End-user devices
  • Medical supplies
  • Provider (Doctor’s) Fees
  • Administrative and Personnel costs
  • Live Translation Services
  • Internal Connections between Provider Sites
  • Storage Devices
  • IT support
  • Maintenance costs
  • DocuSign
  • VPN Solutions
  • Special Construction/Network Builds
  • Applications not purchased as part of connected care information service
  • Standalone Voice, including VoIP
  • Standalone messaging services
  • Network Equipment not necessary to make broadband functional or manage, control or operate a supported broadband service.
Wednesday, November 25, 2020