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The Commission has designated two Broadcast Information Specialists, one in the Media Bureau’s Audio Division and one in its Video Division, to serve as contact points for inquiries from members of the public about broadcast matters. These staff members, accessible via facsimile or by email, can provide information to those listeners and viewers who may wish to become involved in the Commission’s processes. They will answer questions about how to do so, including inquiries about our complaint or petitioning procedures or the filing and status of the license renewal, modification or assignment or transfer applications for particular stations.

The Broadcast Information Specialists can be contacted as noted below:

  • If the inquiry relates to a radio station:
    Fax: (202) 418-1411
    E-Mail: radioinfo@fcc.gov
  • If the inquiry relates to a television station:
    Fax: (202) 418-2827
    E-Mail: tvinfo@fcc.gov

If the inquiry relates to both a radio and television station, or is general in nature, either Specialist may be contacted.

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