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Various Locations Order

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Released: October 7, 2011

Federal Communications Commission

DA 11-1689

Before the

Federal Communications Commission

Washington, D.C. 20554

In the Matter of

Amendment of Section 73.202(b),
FM Table of Allotments,
FM Broadcast Stations.
(Various Locations)


Adopted: October 6, 2011

Released: October 7, 2011

By the Assistant Chief, Audio Division, Media Bureau:
1. This Order updates the FM Table of Allotments ("FM Table")1 to reinstate certain vacant FM
allotments. The attached Appendix shows the FM Table, as amended, for those communities.
2. Formerly, the FM Table listed all vacant FM allotments as well as FM channels and
communities occupied by authorized facilities.2 In 2006, the Commission removed the allotments of
authorized and awarded FM facilities from the FM Table in order to accommodate the new application
procedures for radio stations to change their communities of license.3
As contemplated by the Changes
of Community R&O, when an authorization is cancelled, the vacant allotment must be reinstated in the
FM Table to preserve the opportunity to license a future station in the specified community.4 The
allotments listed in the attached Appendix were removed as part of the Changes of Community R&O, but
they are currently vacant. We are, therefore, reinstating the allotments set forth in the Appendix. 5 On a
going-forward basis, we will periodically issue Orders to update the FM Table reinstating allotments that
have become vacant due to the cancellation of their associated authorizations.

1 47 C.F.R. 73.202(b).
2 See Revision of Procedures Governing Amendments to FM Table of Allotments and Changes of Community of
License in the Radio Broadcast Services,
Report and Order, 21 FCC Rcd 14212, 14221, 15 (2006), recon. pending
("Changes of Community R&O").
3 Id.
4 See id. (stating that FM Table is "to reflect only vacant allotments that do not correspond to an authorized station
or reserved assignment").
5 Staff engineering analysis reveals that all of the vacant allotments listed in the Appendix meet the minimum
distance separation requirements of 47 C.F.R. 73.207. However, six of the vacant allotments warrant additional
explanation. To prevent short-spacings, we adopted new site restrictions for vacant Channels 257A at Pine Bluff,
Arkansas, 263A at Malin, Oregon, and 237A at Drew, Mississippi. Additionally, vacant Channels 264A at Sanborn,
Iowa, 237A at Drew, Mississippi, 289C2 at Alva, Oklahoma, and 288C3 at Santa Anna, Texas, are considered fully
spaced allotments notwithstanding the subsequent grant of authorizations to several stations that are providing
contour protection to these allotments under Section 73.215 of the Commission's Rules.

Federal Communications Commission DA 11-1689

3. The vacant FM allotments listed in the Appendix have previously undergone notice and
comment rule making. Reinstatement of the vacant allotments is merely a ministerial action to effectuate
licensing procedures adopted in the Changes of Community R&O. Therefore, we find for good cause that
further notice and comment are unnecessary.6
4. The Commission will not send a copy of this Order pursuant to the Congressional Review
Act, see 5 U.S.C. 801(a)(1)(A), because these allotments were previously reported.

Ordering Clauses.

Accordingly, IT IS ORDERED, That upon publication in the Federal
Register, the FM Table of Allotments, 47 C.F.R. Section 73.202(b), IS AMENDED, in accordance with
the changes set forth in the Appendix to this Order.
6. For further information regarding a proceeding listed above, contact Rolanda F. Smith or
Andrew J. Rhodes, (202) 418-2700.
Nazifa Sawez
Assistant Chief
Audio Division
Media Bureau

6 See 5 U.S.C. 553(b)(B).

Federal Communications Commission DA 11-1689


Channel Deleted
Channel Added
Port Lions, Alaska
Lake Village, Arkansas
Pine Bluff, Arkansas
257A, 267C3
Willows, California
Sanborn, Iowa
Culver, Indiana
Phillipsburg, Kansas
Bunker, Missouri
Deerfield, Missouri
Cleveland, Mississippi
Drew, Mississippi
Mound Bayou, Mississippi
Vardaman, Mississippi
Alberton, Montana
Cloudcroft, New Mexico
Tularosa, New Mexico
Medina, North Dakota
Sarles, North Dakota
Alva, Oklahoma
Altamont, Oregon
Malin, Oregon
Mission, South Dakota
Murdo, South Dakota
Byrdstown, Tennessee

Federal Communications Commission DA 11-1689

Cisco, Texas
Giddings, Texas
Santa Anna, Texas
Seymour, Texas
Shamrock, Texas
Byron, Wyoming

7 In reinstating Channel 221C at Byron, Wyoming, we also correct the channel number for this allotment.
Commission records reveal that, although Channel 221C had been allotted at Byron, Channel 281C was mistakenly
added to the FM Table instead of Channel 221C. See Park City, Montana, Report and Order, 19 FCC Rcd 2093
(MB 2004).

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