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Telecommunications Service Priority (TSP) Program
TSP is a FCC program used to identify and prioritize telecommunication services that support national security or emergency preparedness (NS/EP) missions. The TSP Program also provides a legal means for the telecommunications industry to provide preferential treatment to services enrolled in the program.

FCC Sponsorship of PSAP Participation in the TSP program
Public safety answering point (PSAP) administrators rely on telecommunications services to provide the essential functions that they perform for the protection of lives and property of American citizens. As a result, many of their telecommunications services qualify for TSP coverage. Since PSAPs are not federal agencies they must have a federal sponsor to participate. In order to help ensure that PSAPs have full and timely access to the TSP program, the FCC will sponsor their participation. Any PSAP administrator who desires to obtain FCC sponsorship in the TSP program may contact the FCC by email at tspinfo@fcc.gov. For more information, see Frequently Asked Questions, PSAP Enrollment Steps, Outreach Letter to APCO, Outreach Letter to NASNA, Outreach Letter to NENA, and Attachment to Outreach Letters.

Government Emergency Telecommunications Service (GETS)
GETS is a telecommunications service provided by the Office of the Manager, National Communications System (OMNCS) that supports federal, state, and local government, industry, and non-profit organization personnel in performing their National Security and Emergency Preparedness (NS/EP) missions. GETS provides emergency access and priority processing in the local and long distance segments of the Public Switched Network (PSN). It is intended to be used in an emergency or crisis situation during which the probability of completing a call over normal or other alternate telecommunication means has significantly decreased.

Wireless Priority Service
WPS is a White House-directed National Security/Emergency Preparedness (NS/EP) National Communications System (NCS) program for priority cellular network access.

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