The Commission's antenna structure registration, marking and lighting rules can be found at 47 C.F.R. Part 17. For information regarding the Commission's rules regarding registration, marking, and lighting of antenna structures, please visit the Wireless Telecommunications Bureau's Antenna Structure web page.


Complaints alleging violation of the Commission’s rules regarding registration, marking and lighting of antenna structures, should be filed with the FCC’s Consumer Complaint Center under the Emergency Complaints at Complaints should include the name of the owner or broadcast station in question, the location of the antenna structure, the antenna structure registration number (ASR #), if known, and the specific circumstances of the alleged violation.

The Office of Field Director investigates complaints concerning alleged violations of the registration, marking, and lighting rules overseeing antenna structures. For information on recent enforcement actions taken for violation of the antenna structure rules, please visit the Enforcement Bureau’s Office of Field Director’s website.