The Enforcement Bureau took the actions listed below against companies operating devices that caused interference to primary services operating within the Unlicensed National Information Infrastructure (U-NII) spectrum. Primary services operating within this spectrum include the Terminal Doppler Weather Radar (TDWR) systems operated by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), US Armed Forces and TV broadcast stations. TDWR systems serve the critical function of providing quantitative measurements for gust fronts, wind shear, microbursts, and other weather related hazards. 

Investigations conducted by the FCC, the FAA, the U.S. Air Force and the National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) in several areas of the United States and Puerto Rico revealed that much of the interference stems from wireless devices sharing the same band as TDWR systems. These wireless transmitters are authorized on a secondary non-interfering basis under the FCC's Rules for U-NII. (See 47 C.F.R. Part 15 subpart E.) The FCC continues to investigate reports of interference to TDWR systems and other primary 5GHz band users, and will continue to take appropriate enforcement action when necessary. 

The Enforcement Bureau and the Office of Engineering and Technology issued a memorandum to manufacturers and operators of U-NII devices concerning the elimination of interference to TDWR systems.