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Workshop: Education

August 20, 2009, 1:00 PM - 3:00 PM EDT
Washington, DC

The goal of this workshop is to identify potential impact of increased broadband access on education outcomes and how broadband policies can help improve those outcomes. The FCC hopes to learn about ways in which broadband can impact education at the early childhood, elementary, secondary, and post-secondary levels in a cost-effective manner. The workshop will look at current programs, such as e-rate and evaluate how such programs can be improved, for example, to take advantage of new technologies that have arisen since it was established. The workshop will also look at what applications and devices might be used to improve educational performance.



The following are some of the preliminary topics that will be covered at this workshop. If you would like to discuss any other topics, please send us your suggestions.
  • Broadband and educational outcomes
  • Opportunities and benefits of broadband in education
  • Future use of broadband in education
  • The future of the e-rate
  • Most promising broadband related applications and devices for education
  • Digital literacy
Special thanks go to the FCC’s Claude Aiken for his volunteer effort in organizing and managing many aspects of the Education Broadband Workshop.


1:00 pm Opening by FCC’s Kristen Kane
1:10 pm Panel Introduction, Steve Midgley, Moderator
  • Queue video introduction (CoSN Student video).
1:20 pm Panel 1: A View on Innovation, Research and Development
  • (10 minutes from each panelist followed by 15 minutes for questions from the FCC moderating panel and public)
Jim Shelton, Asst Deputy Secretary for Innovation, US Dept of Education 
  • Jim Shelton will provide thoughts on how to create, sustain and support educational innovation across government and in the private sector. 
Joel Smith, Vice Provost and CIO, Carnegie Mellon University
  • Joel Smith will discuss important research work at Carnegie Mellon examining the effectiveness of digital learning resources. 
Kumar Garg, Policy Analyst, Office of Science and Technology Policy
  • Kumar Garg will share the latest strategy and policy thinking on educational innovation at OSTP.
1:50 pm Q&A Period
  • FCC Panel:
    • Carlos Kirjner, Senior Advisor to the Chairman 
    • Kristen Kane, Director National Purposes
    • Steve Midgley, Director Education
2:05 pm Queue Second Video testimony, Jack O’Connell
2:10 pm Panel Introduction, Steve Midgley, Moderator
2:15 pm Panel 2: Viewpoints from Media and Society (10 minutes for each panelist followed by 15 minutes for questions from the FCC moderating panel)
  • Susan Zelman, Vice President, Corporation for Public Broadcasting
    • Susan Zelman will consider how broadband can enhance the ability of public service media and educational institutions to work together to reform America’s educational system.
  • Todd Hitchcock, Vice President, Pearson Learning
    • Todd Hitchcock will consider the role that the Publishing Industry can play in the rapidly emerging digital landscape and the future of online learning, enabled by ubiquitous broadband. 
  • David Johnson, Senior Resident Fellow, Center for Democracy and Technology
    • David Johnson will consider his work on State of Play Academy, a broadband approach to instruction that makes it possible to attend a class from anywhere. 
2:45 pm Q&A Period (15 minutes)
  • FCC Panel:
    • Carlos Kirjner, Senior Advisor to the Chairman 
    • Kristen Kane, Director National Purposes
    • Steve Midgley, Director Education
3:00 pm Queue two additional video submissions
3:10 pm Panel Introduction, Regina Brown, Moderator
3:15 pm Panel 3: The Future of E-rate (5 minutes from each panelist followed by 30 minutes for questions from the FCC moderating panel)
  • Sheryl Abshire, Chief Technology Officer of the Calcasieu Parish School System, Lake Charles, Louisiana
  • Tom Greaves, Chairman, The Greaves Group
  • Carrie Lowe, Director, Program on Networks for the Office of Information Technology Policy, American Library Association
  • Chris Lehmann, Principal, Science Leadership Academy, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 
3:30 pm Q&A Period
  • FCC Panel:
    • Regina Brown, Wireline Competition Bureau
    • James Bachtell, Wireline Competition Bureau
    • Cara Voth, Wireline Competition Bureau 
4:00 pm Closing Statements/Adjournment

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