The FAA Advisory Circulars are available as follows:

From the FAA (Be sure to specify version as shown on 854R):

Department of Transportation
Property Use and Storage Section Subsequent Distribution Office, M483.6
Ardmore East Business Center
3341 Q 75th Avenue
Landover, MD 20785
Fax: 301-386-5394

Delivery time is at least 8 days.

From the FCC's copy contractor:

Best Copy and Printing, Inc.
Portals II
445 12th Street, SW; Room CY-B402
Washington, DC 20554
Telephone: 202-488-5300, 800-378-3160
Fax: 202-488-5563

At the FCC (for inspection only):

Wireless Telecommunications Bureau
Public Safety and Critical Infrastructure Division
Washington, DC 20554

Electronic copies of these advisory circulars are available:
(also available via the FAA Website)

  • AC 70/7460-1L (pdf)
  • AC 70/7460-1K (pdf)
  • AC 70/7460-1J (pdf)
  • AC 70/7460-1H (pdf)
  • AC 70/7460-1G (pdf)
  • AC 70/7460-1F (pdf)
  • AC 70/7460-1E (pdf)
  • AC 70/7460-1D (pdf)
  • AC 70/7460-1C (pdf)
  • AC 70/7460-1B (pdf)
  • AC 70/7460-1A (pdf)


Monday, April 22, 2019