“This page is a digitally archived AccessInfo Announcement”

On May 25, 2018, the FCC released an order to grant a permanent waiver to the American Cable Association for analog-only cable systems that lack the equipment needed to pass through audible emergency information via a secondary audio stream. 

The FCC also extended for 5 years an existing waiver to the American Council of the Blind, the American Foundation for the Blind, and the National Association of Broadcasters, which releases television broadcasters of the requirement to aurally describe visual but non-textual emergency information, such as maps or other graphic displays.

Both waivers have conditions which must be met during the waiver period. 

Links to Order:
Word:   https://docs.fcc.gov/public/attachments/DA-18-553A1.docx
PDF:     https://docs.fcc.gov/public/attachments/DA-18-553A1.pdf
Text:     https://docs.fcc.gov/public/attachments/DA-18-553A1.txt 

For more information about the Commission’s rules about accessible televised emergency information, please visit https://www.fcc.gov/general/access-emergency-information-television.  For specific questions, please contact Jonathan Mark, Attorney-Advisor, Policy Division, Media Bureau, at 202-418-3634 or Jonathan.Mark@fcc.gov.  For those using videophones and fluent in American Sign Language, you may call the ASL Consumer Support Line at 844‐432‐2275. 

Tuesday, September 17, 2019