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“This page is a digitally archived AccessInfo Announcement”

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) invites businesses, human resource leaders, technology innovators, and governmental policy-makers to attend its Direct Video Calling Showcase on Friday, November 4, 2016 from 3:00-5:00 p.m. at the FCC’s headquarters.

The FCC’s Direct Video Calling Showcase will illustrate how the availability of the direct video calling option can help businesses and government agencies be more accessible to individuals who are deaf, hard of hearing, speech-disabled or deaf-blind, by providing ways for these populations to directly contact entities in sign language using video transmissions.

This technology – which is readily obtainable, affordable and easy to implement – increases the efficiency and effectiveness of communications for individuals with disabilities, and helps to ensure the accessibility of call centers. The resulting employment opportunities afforded to members of the deaf, hard of hearing, deaf-blind and speech-disabled community, who can serve as call center representatives, provide an added benefit of this form of communication.

To RSVP to the Showcase, or to request the opportunity to exhibit a direct video calling technology, please visit:   https://www.fcc.gov/DVCShowcase.

For more information about the Showcase, please contact the FCC’s Direct Video Calling team at DVC@fcc.gov, or call 202-769-0760.  For more information about direct video calling, visit http://www.fcc.gov/general/direct-video-communications.

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