“This page is a digitally archived AccessInfo Announcement”

On April 8, 2019, the FCC’s Public Safety and Homeland Security Bureau (PSHSB) released a report that analyzes the results of the October 3, 2018 nationwide Wireless Emergency Alert (WEA) and Emergency Alert System (EAS) test.  The report also includes recommendations for next steps. 

The report concludes that WEA and EAS are effective alerting tools.  Among other things, the report identifies some issues regarding accessibility, and recommends actions to help resolve those issues. 

Links to the Report:
URL:      https://www.fcc.gov/document/fcc-report-2018-nationwide-emergency-alert-test
Word:    https://docs.fcc.gov/public/attachments/DOC-356902A1.docx
PDF:       https://docs.fcc.gov/public/attachments/DOC-356902A1.pdf  
Text:      https://docs.fcc.gov/public/attachments/DOC-356902A1.txt

For further information, contact Elizabeth Cuttner, Attorney Advisor, Policy & Licensing Division, PSHSB, at 202-418-2145 or Elizabeth.Cuttner@fcc.gov.  Individuals who use videophones and are fluent in American Sign Language (ASL) may call the FCC’s ASL Consumer Support Line at 844-432-2275 (videophone).  TTY users may call the FCC’s TTY number at 888-835-5322.

Wednesday, September 11, 2019