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1990 - 2006

Commonwealth Telephone Company is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Commonwealth Telephone Enterprises, Incorporated. Commonwealth Telephone Enterprises, Inc. was formerly named C-TEC Corporation before its corporate restructuring on September 30, 1997. Commonwealth Telephone Company is an average schedule incumbent local telephone company with one study area in Pennsylvania (CWTC). Currently, Commonwealth Telephone Company is the only average schedule company with annual operating revenues that exceed the indexed revenue threshold and which is, therefore, required to file ARMIS data.

Average schedule companies are exchange carriers that participate in the National Exchange Carrier Association, Inc.痴 (NECA) access charge pools and receive compensation for providing interstate access services on the basis of a set of formulas administrated by NECA. Therefore, these companies are only able to file the ARMIS 43-01, 43-02, and 43-08 Reports.


On March 8, 2007 Frontier Communications Corporation completed the acquisition of Commonwealth Telephone Enterprises, Inc. which includes Commonwealth Telephone.

2008 - 2009

Commonwealth Telephone had no changes during this period.



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