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Frontier Companies is comprised of 28 operating companies. All but Rochester Telephone Corporation (RTNY) are below the revenue threshold requirement for filing ARMIS reports. However, because Frontier Communications Corporation is an elective price cap company, it must file the ARMIS Service Quality (43-05) Report at the study area level for its operating companies.


Frontier Companies and Study Area Jurisdictions


  • Rochester Telephone Corp., New York (RTNY)
  • FC of Ausable Valley, Inc., New York (RTAV)
  • FC of Breezewood, Inc., Pennsylvania (RTBT)
  • FC of Michigan, Inc., Michigan (RTCM)
  • FC of Ohio, Inc., Ohio (RTCO)
  • FC of Canton, Inc., Pennsylvania (RTCT)
  • FC of Pennsylvania, Inc. (RTET)
  • FC of New York, Inc., New York (RTHT)
  • FC of Illinois, Inc., Illinois (RTIT)
  • FC of Lakeside, Inc., Illinois (RTLI)
  • FC of Lakewood, Inc., Pennsylvania (RTLP)
  • FC of Alabama, Inc., Alabama (RTMA)
  • FC of Mt. Pulaski, Inc., Illinois (RTMP)
  • FC - Midland, Inc., Illinois (RTMT)
  • FC of Mondovi, Inc., Wisconsin (RTMW)
  • FC - Oswayo River, Inc., Pennsylvania (RTOS)
  • FC - Prairie, Inc., Illinois (RTPT)
  • FC of Seneca Gorham Telephone, New York (RTSG)
  • FC of Sylvan Lake, Inc., New York (RTSL)
  • FC of the South, Inc., with two study area jurisdictions: Alabama (RTSA) & Florida (RTSF)
  • FC - Schuyler, Inc., Illinois (RTSI)
  • FC of Thorntown, Inc., Indiana (RTTT)
  • FC of Wisconsin, Inc., Wisconsin (RTUW)
  • FC of Minnesota, Inc., Minnesota, and FC of Iowa, Inc., Iowa, are combined under one COSA (VITC)
  • FC of Orion, Inc., Illinois (RTIL)
  • FC of Fairmount, Inc., Georgia (RTGA)



Sold/Transferred Companies & Related COSAs


  • Rochester Telephone - Midway Telephone, Michigan (RTMM) -- sold during the period of 1992 through 1994
  • Rochester Telephone - Ontomogan Telephone, Michigan (RTOT) -- sold during the period of 1992 through 1994
  • Rochester Telephone - S & A Telephone, Kansas (RTKS) -- sold during the period of 1992 through 1994
  • FC - Lakeshore, Inc. Wisconsin, (RTLW) -- combined with FC of Wisconsin, Inc. (RTUW) in 1998
  • FC - Schuyler, Inc., Iowa (RTSO) was sold to Minburn Telecommunications in 1999
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