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This report describes the model used to compare the CALLS proposal with existing access charge rules. The report contains 5-year projections of rates, usage levels, and consumer expenditures for both scenarios.

Report (PDF). Released 5/25/00. Contains the CALLS Analysis entered into the records of CC Docket Nos. 96-262, 94-1, 99-249, and 96-45.

DELPHI Data (ZIP). Contains Access databases and Delphi programming used in the modeling process. R requires 15 MB of available storage space, Microsoft Access, and Delphi 4.0.

LOTUS Data (ZIP). Contains Lotus 5 spreadsheets used in the modeling process. Requires 5 MB of available storage space and Lotus 5.0.

README File (Word). Contains limited information on using the files contained in delphi.zip and lotus.zip in order to reconstruct or modify the model.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013