Listed below is contact information for filing applications with the Commission's Bureaus.

International Bureau

For the Satellite Division:

Earth Stations: Jeanette Spriggs, (202) 418-0727
Space Stations: Kathleen Campbell, (202) 418-0753

For the TelecommunicationsDivision:

Mark Uretsky, (202) 418-1409

Media Bureau

For cable services issues of procedures and mechanics:

Wayne McKee, (202) 418-2355

For general questions on merger-related cable services applications:

Linda Senecal, Industry Analysis Division, MB, (202) 418-7044

Audio Division:

Radio applications: Janice Smith, (202) 418-2730

Video Division:

TV applications: Clay Pendarvis, (202) 418-1600

Wireless Telecommunications Bureau

Universal Licensing System:

ULS Technical Support at (202) 414-1250

Cellular, PCS, Paging, SMR, GWCS, WCS, "shared TV band", 700 MHz, Offshore, Rural, BETRS, and Air-Ground:

Legal questions: Lauren Kravetz Patrich at (202) 418-7944, John Branscome at (202) 418-8205, or Erin McGrath at (202) 418-2042
Questions on commercial wireless licenses, pending applications affecting the upcoming transaction, and correcting license records: Jim Bennett at (202) 418-1336

Fixed Microwave Services (regulated under Part 101 of the FCC's rules):

Such services include Private Operational Fixed Services (POFS), Common Carrier Fixed Point-to-Point Services, the Digital Electronic Message Service (DEMS), the Local Multipoint Distribution Service (LMDS), and Multiple Address Systems (MAS)

Zenji Nakazawa (202) 418-7949 and Jeff Tobias (202) 418-1617

Private Land Mobile Radio (PLMR) Services (Part 90):

Zenji Nakazawa (202) 418-7949 and Jeff Tobias (202) 418-1617

Maritime Services (Part 80) and Aviation Services (Part 87):

Zenji Nakazawa (202) 418-7949 and Jeff Tobias (202) 418-1617

218-219 MHz Radio Service (formerly known as IVDS):

Zenji Nakazawa (202) 418-7949 and Jeff Tobias (202) 418-1617

Wireline Competition Bureau

For issues of procedures and mechanics:

Bill Dever or Tracey Wilson, Competition Policy Division, at (202) 418-1580