Important Steps for Consumers and Companies When Service is Ending

  • You are a consumer and your phone company mailed you a letter informing you that it plans to discontinue your service soon.  What should you do?  Answer
  • You run or represent a phone company that is planning to discontinue domestic telecommunications service.  What must you do to comply with FCC rules? Answer 
  • You are an attorney or a trustee in a bankruptcy case involving a discontinuance of domestic telecommunications service.  What do you need to know? Answer
Domestic Discontinuances

Below are public notices soliciting comment on applications by carriers planning to discontinue domestic telecommunications service.  Consumers and others need information in these public notices to file comments  on a proposed discontinuance.  Any filings for the emergency discontinuance, reduction or impairment of domestic services are also included below.

Visit the International Bureau for discontinuance of international service.



PUBLIC NOTICE: Comments Invited On Section 214 Application(s) To Discontinue Domestic Non-Dominant Carrier Telecommunications Service(s) In Response To Copper Retirement(s)

Applicant(s):AT&T Services, Inc. on behalf of its affiliate, AT&T Corp.

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