Orders and Notices

  • FCC Invites Comment on Improving 911 Access by Enterprise Communications Systems. (FCC 17-125)
    Press Release: Word || PDF
    Notice of Inquiry: Word || PDF
  • Revision of the Commission's Rules to Ensure Compatibility With Enhanced 911 Emergency Calling Systems. Onstar Corporation Motion to Withdraw. (CC Docket No. 94-102)
    [ Order DA 04-524 in Word || Order DA 04-524 in PDF ]
  • Federal Communications Commission Seeks Comment on the Scope of its Enhanced 911 Rules.
    News Release dated and released 12/11/02: [ Enhanced 911 Rules in PDF | Enhanced 911 Rules in Word ]
    E911 Further Notice of Proposed Rulemaking in Word Released December 20, 2002.
  • Wireless Telecommunications Bureau Seeks Comment on Joint Petition For Reconsideration Regarding Digital Wireless Transmission of 911 Calls Using TTY Devices in a Public Notice released August 27, 2002.
    [ Public Notice in Word | Public Notice in PDF ]
  • Revision of the Commission's Rules To Ensure Compatibility with Enhanced 911 Emergency Calling Systems. Order released June 28, 2002.
    [ Order in Text | Order in PDF | Order in Word]
  • Wireless Telecommunications Bureau Seeks Comment on Request for Temporary Waiver of Deadline by Which Digital Wireless Systems Must be Capable of Transmitting 911 Calls From TTY Devices. (DA No. 02-916). (Dkt No 94-102).
    Comment Period Closed.
    E911 TTY Compatibility PN in Text || E911 TTY Compatibility PN in PDF || E911 TTY Compatibility PN in Word
  • The Commission Sought Comment on Whether Public Mobile Service Telephones should be Required to be Hearing Aid Compatible in a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (NPRM) Released November 14, 2001. The Commission is reexamining their exemption pursuant to direction of the Hearing Aid Compatibility Act of 1988, of public mobile service phones from the hearing aid compatibility requirements of that Act.
    [HAC NPRM in Text | HAC NPRM in PDF]
  • Fourth Report and Order, adopted December 11, 2000 and released December 14, 2000, Revising the Commission's Rules To Ensure (TTY) Compatibility with Enhanced 911 Emergency Calling Systems.
    TTY Report and Order in Text Format || TTY Report and Order in Microsoft Word Format
  • Wireless Telecommunications Bureau Seeks Comment on New Implementation Deadline for TTY Access to Digital Wireless Systems for 911 Calls. Public Notice released May 17, 2000.
    E911 Public Notice (Microsoft Word)
  • Technical Status Report from the TTY Forum on E9-1-1/TTY Compatibility (CC Docket No. 94-102). Filed with the Wireless Telecommunications Bureau on November 11, 1999.
    Technical Status Report - Word97 format
    Technical Status Report - Text format
  • Commission Launches E911 Home Page to cover ongoing proceeding to determine how wireless telephones can best be used to connect customers with emergency services, similar to the way 911 calls are made on wireline phones.
  • Temporary waiver of Commission rules to all parties that filed waiver petitions effective January 1, 1999. [ Text | WordPerfect ]
  • Wireless Telecommunications Bureau releases Order extending the suspension of E911-TTY compatibility through Dec. 31, 1998 and establishing a waiver mechanism for carriers. Adopted and released Nov. 13, 1998. [ Text Version | WordPerfect Version ]
  • Wireless Telecommunications Bureau Releases Order September 30, 1998 Denying CTIA and PCIA's Request for Extension by 3 Months on E911-TTY Compatibility. Wireless Telecommunications Bureau Instead Grants a More Limited Suspension of the Enforcement Rules. [ Text Version | WordPerfect Version ]
  • REVISION OF THE COMMISSION'S RULES TO ENSURE COMPATIBILITY WITH ENHANCED 911 EMERGENCY CALLING SYSTEMS. Resolved the petitions for reconsideration or clarification of the rules the Commission adopted in the E911 First Report and Order, CC Docket No. 94-102, 11 FCC Rcd 18676 (1996), adopted June 12, 1996. Dkt No.: cc- 94-102. Action by the Commission. Adopted: December 1, 1997. by MO&O. (FCC No. 97-402).[ Text Format | WordPerfect Format ]
  • October 3, 1997, the Commission released a Public Notice seeking additional comments in the Enhanced 911 reconsideration proceeding (DA 97-2751) on wireless TTY access.
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